Is There An Alternative to Religious Freedom?

Thu, 3 October, 2019 12:00pm
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The Loeb Institute is delighted to welcome Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, whose talk will examine contemporary critiques of the concept of religious freedom.  Specifically, critics of religious freedom on the political left have rightfully pointed out the biased Protestant presuppositions about the nature of religion embedded in predominant conceptions of religious freedom, demonstrating how the application of religious freedom laws often unfairly favors certain religious groups over others. The question then emerges as to what political alternative these critics prefer, a question which they seldom answer. This talk attempts to offer a few suggestions about what these alternatives might be, some of which promote a religious based system of toleration. 


Jenkins is a lecturer at the Yale Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. He is currently writing a book for Columbia University Press titled, The Neoconservative Moment in France: Raymond Aron and the United States. He has written for the Atlantic, the Nation, Dissent Magazine and is a regular op-ed contributor for The Guardian. He is the former managing editor of The Immanent Frame. He completed his Ph.D. in European History at Columbia University in 2016. 

Open to public but registration is required. Lunch will be served. 



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