The 6th Annual George Washington Lecture

To Bigotry No Sanction: George Washington's Legacy of Religious Freedom and the U.S. Relationship with Israel and the Jewish People

Walter Russell Mead discusses an aspect of Washington's legacy, religious freedom and tolerance, which was expressed in his letter to the Touro Synagogue, and explore larger points about religious liberty in America and the world.

This lecture is a partnership between the Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr. Institute for Religious Freedom, the GW History Department, and University Events. It is also a part of Celebrate GW, a series of events held in recognition of the university's founding and George Washington's birthday.

Mr. Mead is the James Clarke Chace Professor of Foreign Affairs and Humanities at Bard College and previously taught American foreign policy at Yale University. He is also the Editor-at-Large of The American Interest magazine and a non-resident Distinguished Scholar at the Hudson Institute.